Construction & Demolition Waste Processing

Recycling construction, demolition and excavation waste with one of our washing equipment installations enables the production of fully certified sand and aggregates for use in a wide variety of construction and road building projects.

Our equipment portfolio includes a range of systems that can comprehensively process highly contaminated debris into re-usable finished products. Our turnkey systems include:

  • Feed Hoppers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Rotomax log washer for aggregate washing and screening
  • Evowash for production of fine and coarse sand
  • Sludge dewatering and Water recycling
  • Filter press for brick making

Benefits of C&D Recycling:

  • Resource conservation through re-use of existing material
  • Productive & profitable use of waste
  • Release of limited landfill space
  • Environment friendly by creating alternative to quarrying and river dredging

Clean Tech Infra product catalog

CleanTec Infra product catalog

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