Today, water bodies are rapidly filling with sludge, sediment, silt, and heavy weed growth, making them unusable for most activities. Industrial settling ponds are also heavily silted and face the danger of not meeting government standards.

De-silting is becoming a major component of any Lake Conservation Project now-a-days to increase the storage capacity and check eutrophic conditions.

Cleantec offers a complete range of amphibious excavators that can operate on land and in water. These machines are specifically designed to maneuver in marshy and swampy areas, soft terrain and to float on water. With a long reach and low ground pressure, these excavators are used for de-silting water bodies where traditional excavators fail due to soft soil or excessive depth.

20 ton JCB excavator mounted on a spud barge cleaning Kerala back waters. 35 ton long reach excavator mounted on a self-propelled tracked pontoon undercarriage.

Clean Tech Infra product catalog

CleanTec Infra product catalog

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